Thanks for the sunshine and warmth being experienced.

Thanks for the beautiful dog

Thanks to the river for being so nearby

Thanks to the friendly neighbours

Thanks to the comfy apartment for sheltering me

Thanks to everyone in my life, family and friends and acquaintances and clients

Thanks to the kettle for heating the water for tea

Thanks to this iPad for making so much possible.

I feel happy right now. It was here when I got up and continued throughout a session with a client. She has had such an intense turnaround in her life after just 4 sessions. She has learned to practice self compassion, and is realising she loves herself, to recognise her inner critic, to become aware of the untrue early beliefs she was carrying and to start to notice them. To welcome more joy and that it’s safe to.

I feel so honoured to have been part of this process with her. She was in tears thanking me today. I’ve suggested we have a break for a few weeks so that she can practice the new way of being and relationship with herself.

And then I went to the allotment garden and listened to some James Low. And he just says everything that I would want to be reminded of. Thank you for to him.

And now a rest and then a session with Marc Leavitt.

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