Thinking after Decisions

The thinking seems to happen after the decision.

So work. Thinking out loud. Though probably thinking isn’t much required since…

I just have to take the step right in front of me that presents itself. And it already seems to be prepared.

And odd things are presenting themselves to do and I’m just going with them. And I have no idea what will happen as a consequence. These are not sensible capitalist business decisions at all….and yet…they are being made. And I pretty much have nothing to do with it.

It is boiling hot out there for the next few days again so it occurred to me to give them all another extra paid 2 days holidays. Why not! I’ve got the money, not a lot, but enough and we don’t often get weather like this.

Ideas occur and then the rationality follows. So it’s…..Horrible and practically unsafe to work in this temperature. And it makes the guys happy to have a really long weekend of sunshine and freedom.

And the guys who are on paternity leave, I’m giving them an extra week paid leave to be with their newborns. This is because I don’t actually need them all on this small job right now. Trusting something will be lined up by either of the 2 clients who delayed and the other jobs I’m working on without much urgency.

I’m not actually worried which is weird, I’m so used to worrying. So a worry appears that I should be worrying! Hehe

One of the guys is concerning me ever so slightly though. He told me yesterday he was guided to find me. And that the stones tell him to listen to my advice. Hmmm. And he adores me like a member of his own kin. Hmmmm. I tell him not to take any drugs, to ground himself. To love himself. He is wild, very deep and seems quite unstable. I trust myself.

Yesterday. What. I can’t even remember. Had a rest. Saw the guys at the allotment. Hid from the heat indoors mostly. Won £30 on a lottery ticket a neighbour bought me. The dog went to the dog walker and I saw an old client, not work I want.

Today I meet my friend R and head for the river. Looks like not much work happening for me either again today!

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