It’s Enough

It’s enough to simply and be here for emptying the vacuum cleaner, and no thought required. Just be present for it.

It’s enough to be watering the plants. To fully be there for doing that with care.

There’s no better moment to rush off to.

Nothing is more important than being fully in this moment. This is life happening right now as I water the plants or empty the vacuum. I can be there for just that and nothing else.

Here for life as I type these words and as I breathe. I hear the traffic pass by, see the breeze pass through the leaves of the trees. I breathe again into the fullness of this moment. Nothing lacking.

No need for thoughts of the future. If they arise, I let them go. It’s okay. Shhhh….shhhh. It’s okay.

Have a hug. A hand on the heart. Compassion.

“May I be well

May I be happy

May I be at ease

May I be safe“

I am well. I am happy. I am at ease. I am safe. Thank you.

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