Violins in the Park

Contracting up….noticing noticing….And relaxing back into aware space and remembering to breath.

A beautiful morning walk and lunch at the house in the park. Then back here and lay down for the next 6 hours, falling asleep for 2 of them. Why, I have no idea but I’m going with it. Getting up to let the dog out, make tea only.

Then at 7pm I felt prompted to walk the dog and get some sunshine and air and so off to the park again. An unexpectedly a beautiful little classical concert was taking place! What a bit of serendipity to be there. And S called and I chatted up the river walk with her for an hour, sat in the sun on the bank for a while.

Covered what I’m sharing with her son K a little. I’ve been concerned that it’s so deep and does he have enough ballast to handle it and not being too thrown by it, can he keep his balance in such paradigm shifting material. With few to talk to at the moment.

Is it okay to give Dzogchen material to a 21 year old? I sent him the James Low little intro. I send him all sorts though, quite random interviews and talks I watch and like. This is the one that made a big impression and he said it changed how he thinks permanently though.

Lot happening today. I’ve got a therapy client shortly, then a walk with the dog, then meeting my 2 therapist friends on zoom then Marc Leavitt on zoom then P arriving for the evening and staying over.

Here’s a couple of 1 minute excerpts from the concert I came across last night.

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