Closing and Opening

Good morning. The sun is shining here, the dog curled up in her bed, and I’ve been watching a Triggernometry podcast on the dramatic changing geo economic political situation.

Not sure if watching it was a good idea. Yet I kind of want to know what is going on…..and it sounds like the deconstruction of globalism is underway and big changes are ahead.

I have a strong reactiveness to it that initiates the motivation to DO something. And as I’m hunting for these strong reactions in the name of developing equanimity. I keep looking at remote cottages in the country with woodlands and water nearby…but that’s not a way that is opening right now.

So here’s what the iChing just said to me

Reaction is a defensive posture that upholds the known, while responsiveness is being open to the unknown. The difference between reaction and response is your ability to use your senses and not the memory mind while observing. Learn to take in the subtle texture of what you are experiencing.

I just keep coming back to what is happening right here right now. Only safe space.

Today I’m meeting a therapist friend for a walk in the woods. Then to see the guys on site, then for a massage.

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