Hello Sad

Sadness has arrived this morning seemingly on the back of a dream. So I’m being here in it, with it.

Hello there sad. It’s been a while since we’ve been so intimate. Where do I feel you in my body right now?

The whole central body area. It’s a quiet gentle sensation.

Okay, you can be there, it’s fine. Have some space.

Events have an effect, the dream and and a few minor crappy ones this week….though when we are feeling buoyant almost anything can happen and we take it in our stride.

Whatever is being experienced it’s an opportunity to allow.

Experience everything as if we have chosen it. I’d decided to live this, so events come along to teach me how.

I can feel the mental cogs wanting to kick into gear. So I let my mind know that it is not something it needs to ‘solve’. Here only to listen right now. These passing moods and feelings. If they can just be allowed, then the mind doesn’t have to get involved.

View lying on the river bank yesterday morning

If the mind did get involved, it would want to try and ‘solve’ it. It might list the evidence of why sadness is present. to justify its presence and to help avoid anything it considers adversity in the future.

I light a candle for those in my dream who are no longer around. I go down to the outdoors to breathe some fresh morning air. The dog watches from the top of the steps and doesn’t come.

I have a therapy client shortly, then going to see a potential construction client after that. 2 therapy clients tomorrow morning and other than that, the whole weekend is free space.

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  1. We are becoming so wise and good at fooling the mind into calmness… it’s taken a while for us to realise to embrace everything, all that we are is the only way to dissolve the torment waters and move forward into our focused NewEarth where we live a life of celebration❤️ sending love to you and thanks for being a great example of light💃🏼🎶

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