Testing testing !

Who am I when things don’t go my way?
What happens when events I don’t want to happen just happen anyway?
When someone does something out of my control that I don’t like?
Testing of equanimity often comes from unexpected angles just when I least expect it.

Yesterday I went to the allotment to discover that the committee decided to remove the hedge behind my allotment. Which was a wildlife rich old hedge full of varied species the birds and insects loved and green all year and good for security. They wanted to give us more light. Thanks for the thought luvvies, sigh. A trim to 6’ would have been just fine.

Instead there’s a metal chain link fence. And a good opportunity to observe reactions and associated thought processes. Annoyed. Sad. Saw how I ‘enemised’ others, withdrew some goodwill, generated hostile thoughts, victim thoughts. Equanimity fail!

‘First world problem mum’, I can hear Tobie say….

Now in solution mode and got a plan. I will position small square trellis along the stretch build a raised bed and plant it all up with copious climbers. A new project.

So this was the ‘before’ with the hedge intact showing the green backdrop.

And this is the gappy bit emptier ‘after’. Not such a cosy surrounded by nature sitting space. Complain complain yes.

So on the no project-terror-drama story, the next job got the go ahead yesterday and a second one pretty likely too, so I now have 2 jobs I’ve committed to and only a few staff with 2 off on paternity leave! Swings and roundabouts.…relatively short jobs though so I will have to get going on the next design so they have something to move on to.

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