Evening Thanks

Breath in……and out….saying thank you inside as I exhale.

Breath in…and out…..thank you. A pause to be grateful.

Thank you for it all, the warmth and shelter, the comfy bed, the loving dog, the son, the sister, the mother, the uncle, the greater circle of friends and family. The trees and flowers, the allotment garden, the birds, the deer and fish, the river and waterfalls. The grass, the smells and sounds. The money, the food from all over the world, the cups of tea and glasses of orange juice. The freedom to go into nature every day.

Thank you for all that is working. The light that appears at the touch of a switch. The cooker that heats the food. The fridge that cools and the washing machine that makes clothes clean. The lock that secures the door. The taps of instant clean water. The body that keeps working well every day.

And thank you when they are seemingly not working or not going well. Thank you for the challenges which help me deepen my seeing and commitment to letting go. The pesky scary thoughts that keep coming and give me a chance to practice recognising them and uncoupling myself from them. The sore back that gets me to be kind to myself and rest. The slow driver in front that teaches me patience. The neighbour noise which helps me develop equanimity. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Michael Singer

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