Mundane Matters

Though nothing is mundane. It’s all super magical energy exchanges between us as seeming individualities and the surrounding changing scenes and the crazy paradox that we are not separate from any of it. All divine dynamic arisings from the great unmanifest.

I enjoy the grounding of talking of mundane life events here. Yesterday I had the big meeting with the client of the potential next project. I had laid it out as choices from less to more expensive. She chose one, we made some changes which are now with the cad technician and I will reprice.

The actual interaction was fascinating though. She is so warmly welcoming and open and hugs me when I arrive and when I leave. He does too when he is around. My dog joins us along with their 2 dogs in the most opulent kitchen open right through to the back of the enormous house. We talk and talk about all sorts. We talked for over an hour before we get to her project. He life story, her aspirations and hopes as a young woman and the direction she took. Her empty nest syndrome with her kids having left. She asks about me and my interests and life, I share quite a bit.

What was particularly interesting was that we discussed happiness. How we are happy and what that’s like. And how we adjust our attitude to events as we go towards well-being rather than complaint. How we look after it. It was noted to be talking personally to someone from a perspective of being a happy person. How lucky we are. We have found a place of well-being.

That’s was all just lovely. Over 2 hours later I go to the beloved woods along the river. We don’t hang around long as the cows are nearby. I sit and read for a while from my little favourite book Light on the Path by Mabel Collins. A theosophical book probably channelled and written down in around 1885. It’s been with me all my life as a guide. Uncompromising is how I’d describe it.

I sit under an umbrella in the rain at a table at the cafe having cake and lemonade. Need to maybe get a handle on this cake habit! Then a visit to the men and deal with some little issues and have a chat. Materials delayed manpower shortages due to covid.

Now they have to undo a mistake they made. Well we made as it’s all ultimately my responsibility. I’d been watching them do it the last couple of days and they assured me it would be fine. My instinct said no though and I sought expert advice which confirmed my thoughts. They are not happy and a bit of stress going on and they hate me right now. But nobody will die.

Then at about 3.30 back here for some work to update that project and then hours and hours of low energy lostness on the internet. Least preferable part of the day. That I would like to address soon. What I’m looking at out when I run out of energy lowers my energy further.

At 7 the dog and I go back out. To the allotment this time. I fill the bird feeders, a little weeding, plant a couple of perennials, eat some ripe raspberries and harvest a zucchini. And plan where my pond is going. About to start digging that out.

Today I have a walk with the dog then a massage at 2pm. These seem to be doing the trick in keeping the headaches away. Fabulous.

Food today. Tomato and lentil soup, half a roll. Flapjack, Lemonade can at cafe. Cucumber bean mini salad. 2 multi seed oatcakes. Tea x 5. Sparkling mineral water. One tomato. Fruit/nut protein bar. A few licorice all sorts.

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