Ground of Being

Collapsing back into the Ground of Being, the unspeakable unknowable which underlies all manifestation….the great unified field of Rigpa….and much of the struggle going on in these pages the last couple of years have been documenting the fight to overcome the resistance to trusting and jumping off the cliff. And then find out none of us ever actually left in the first place! And the idea of a fight to learn to relax completely, well 😂

This is no easy feat in a whole society dominated and apparently run by the left hemisphere, the illusion of that control is so persuasive. And to dissemble it kicks up such a strong objection reaction from the brain. I don’t know if everyone finds it this hard, maybe some people have less fear than me, they just get the idea right away and pop! They’ve jumped.

The idea is that it is trustworthy to surrender. And we only really find that out by doing it. We can’t prove it’s trustworthy first then surrender, we have to jump. For some reason that is important. Though of course that many others have already jumped fully into surrendering and report back that it’s all okay, does lend some encouragement and live support is available all around these days.

All I can do is to continue my mission to wander around like an idiot.

That’s what the dismantling feels like. Back to basics.

Consciously uniting with the present second by second through the senses is the salvation for me these days. And the breath. All I seem to want to do is be in nature. I have some work to do on the site with the men, then I will go to the river with the dog and splurge and melt boundaries. Perhaps merging with all I see indoors is the next stage of collapsing into the Ground.

I’ve been practising being present in the senses using mindful walking recently. Noticing the actual mechanisms of how we walk. The feeling of each bit of the movement in the body, the muscles, the motion, the weight of the body as one foot lands in front of the other.

One leg pushes us forward, tipping us forward, and the other leg catches the body’s weight and stops us from falling.

Then that other leg tips us forward and then the other one catches us and stops us from falling forward and pushes us forward again.

Here’s a little slowed down video I made of me mindful walking yesterday as I was doing it.

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