Safe and Home

Again this morning, the Gayatri ‘tat savitur varenyam, bargo devasya demahi, diyoyo naprachodyaat’ and peace, peace and more peace.

Then I notice that the mind tries to find something not peace, thinks it’s found something and presents it. ‘But what about this…..?! Have you thought about that?!’. It is trying to find a reason why it isn’t safe to be in peace. It just wants something to do. We are so accustomed to having all our experience mediated through thoughts about it. The mind can learn its safe to be quiet.

‘Tat savitur varenyam, bargo……’ is the response.

Definitely some cultural appropriation going on here these days! Thanks India and Tibet. We are so fortunate to have this wisdom finely honed over 1000s of years.

Drop. Into the body. What are the sensations being experienced right now this second. Breathe. What are the senses picking up…..sounds of the slow calm Sunday morning 6am traffic. Warmth and softness on skin. It’s all gentle and it’s all intensely intimate. Breathe again.

A whole day of nature yesterday. Didn’t actually talk to a soul, well other than some lovely little chit chats about the dog to some friendly strangers in the outdoor cafe.

Just outside being. Slowing right right down and being really really fully there for each moment as it arises. No rush.

Step by carefully chosen step, through the long grass of the meadow, along the river edge, through woods, around the pond. Sitting an hour in one spot, half an hour in another. Breathing consciously. Feeling all that the senses bring in the body, feeling the body expand to accommodate all that is seen and heard, all the sensory input. What’s the difference, inside or outside the body. All one.

I clear some Himalayan balsam for some grounding, and take a few photos of wild flowers. Go for lunch. Back here to the house for some hours. Then back out into the sunshine 7-8pm, find a spot by the river to sit and the enjoyment of a little splashing around with the dog who is appreciating the coolness.

Saying the Gayatri again, realise the sun is shining so brightly and how appropriate it all is, how perfect. Moments of poise. The sounds of the river, the sight of the insects dancing, the wind swaying the branches. As simple as that. What else!

I shared this very deep and beautiful summary of Dzogchen which is so so good…..with a dear 21 year old young man I know. It’s was little bit of a risk. I decide to trust. It is very deep, and could be ungrounding. He has been a little apparently lost recently direction wise and we have all been a touch concerned, so I’ve been reaching out to have to more interaction by sharing videos. I have always really liked and respected him though wasn’t sure how to interact. Anyway he seemed to lap it up and even understand it which if true is so great. What an early age to get it. I also sent it to my son, see how he receives it.

This morning I have a therapy client in 10 mins, a beautiful deep young woman, also sent the video to her.

And then to the park probably, in the rain looks like, that’s just fine and perfect. Changing arisings and conditions to be still in.

What a difference it is to be free from suffering. I’m taking note. This time last week I think I was agonising and lamenting the pain.

Only just discovered how to share videos here, woohoo!

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