Boiling the Whites

It was a lovely day again yesterday. The slight relief from the overshadowing anxiety was appreciated. An hour on my own by the river with the dog in the woods sitting and exploring and then lunch outside where I met E, and a further several hours of river and woods and good chat too. Deep meaningful sharing which is food to my heart. And before all that a visit to site to see the guys. 6 or 7 hours outside works well for well-being. Had a therapy client in the evening.

I’m feeling an increase in anxiety again today. I feel concern about my son who is having cardiac issues. He saw a cardiologist yesterday and is getting tests today. He lives in Portugal so I have limited info and ability to do anything. And he is having a racing heart, difficulty breathing. On an adhd drug some psychologist put him on called Vyvanse too, which is suspect could be connected.

I’m also concerned about this drug I’ve been on for over a year Clopidogrel, a blood thinner they put me on which I now realise is very difficult to stop. I would have to taper off it which I have started today. They didn’t tell me that!

Boiling pillowcases on the stove here old fashioned style to get them white. Reminds me of my grandmothers house.

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