Moany Monday Mornin’

Headache is lingering, so I have a doctor appointment today. It is so pouring with rain out there and will be all day, the place is completely drenched and rush hour traffic is wooshing and humming away.

Yesterday was another perfect wander in nature for 3 hours. Took my closeup camera and had some fun with that. Then back here I had a 2 hour call with an old friend. Really pretty hard. He is very focussed on the geopolitical situation out there and I am not. Then an hour with another friend. Also found it hard. The subjects are more interesting and deep but he says ‘fuckin’ about 3 times in every sentence. It’s grating. Especially with a headache which came and went yesterday.

Everything is grating with this headache though and I can hardly concentrate here. I suppose I’m being tested and it’s using up some of my inner tolerance and resilience tokens. The noises upstairs have been more grating too. The dog even leaves the room.

I did a search of this blog of ‘headache’ or ‘migraine’ to see if there might be a discernible pattern to these headaches but I only found mentions going back to November last year and around monthly since.

Very odd that I didn’t mention them before that when they have been last 3 days at a time and going on for several years monthly as far as I remember. Maybe I thought it was too boring to mention.

They noticeably stopped after the stroke in May last year till November, the consultant told me it was the clopidogrel I was taking. But I’m going to stop taking that from today to see if it makes a difference. I read headaches can be a side effect.

It’s just a low subdued time and I accept that.

Time for a little gratitude medicine I think.

Grateful for a beautiful happy healthy loving dog

  • For a warm apartment on a rainy day
  • This comfy chair
  • The organic oats I have just eaten
  • The trees out of every window – so nice not to have other apartments looking onto me
  • A business that works well without me doing much
  • For a few valued friends and family members
  • To live in a safe part of the world
  • To have enough money to buy what I need to live and more
  • For the woodlands river waterfalls and within walking distance
  • For the beauty of the spring flowers
  • My allotment which gives me a further place to enjoy nature and growing things. And a little community of fellow plot holders
  • The beautiful plants in my apartment
  • Such a comfy bed
  • A toilet, taps, fridge, washing machine, dish washer…all of which work every time.
  • This wooden floor which I really like the look and feel of.
  • The fact that I don’t have squeaky floorboards, except in one little spot.
  • For an abundant choice of music and films available any time of the day

Wow, just writing all that makes me realise that life supports in so many ways.

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