What what what, the Mind asks

8am and a sunny morning, had done all the reading, watching and digesting I have bandwidth for already. So now what the mind starts to ask, “so now what, now what, now what?”. What a noise.

Shhhh mind, shhhhh. It’s okay, let’s just see what arises this day, minute to minute.

Then the wellies are being put on and out into the fresh morning air. The first precious breath is experienced, celebrated and thanked for.

Then dog into car, and to the allotment, some flowers and potatoes are planted and watered. Next a walk up the river is happening. Park is beautifully quiet at 8.30. Then to the baker for fresh croissants and home.

I have a sense it’s time to relax even more. Less of the striving seeking energy and just rest back into it all. this is all okay. More like the dog, un-self-reflective. Just in it, being, seeing what emerges without lust of result.

Saw a client then a wonderful walk in the secluded woods in another location with the woodland floor covered in celandine and wood anemone.

Yesterday I had a marvellous exciting honest sharing call with my sister on her way up. So exciting as we explore together this mysterious life. Enjoyed reconnecting like that. And also a lovely visit from another friend who brought me plants, then a few hours with 2 therapist friends on our regular Zoom meet up last night. Was beautiful wild and free and unpredictable. Out cold by 10pm.

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