Well well well, it didn’t take much to shift that stuck energy, and I did feel pretty stuck. As I usually do when I’m experiencing stuckness, as if it’s going to last for ever. There’s always that sense of it, that I’ll never be happy again! Some courage and faith girl. Gosh the drama that I can whip up….

A couple of dropping in and even actually welcoming (an idea courtesy of Eckhart Tolle) the disturbed feelings inside, allowing them to be there, was enough to allow something else to emerge. Just simply facing and being with the discomfort where it appears in the body. So simple. Give it some space to be there. It works like magic, really it does. But not if one is purposely trying to get rid of it. The motive has to be allowing.

Went for a drive to site, saw more grateful happy clients and the lovely guys and then to the nursery to get plants for the other project.

Sunny lovely, flowers lovely, car comfy gratitude.

Then to the restaurant in the park for lunch with the dog, and back here. All is well and I notice that contracted clenching inside has released. Like almost completely. But for the residual anxiety that daily abides in here.

Musing that I never have to work out the answers to anything ever again. Ever again! It can be one mighty big ‘I don’t know’ to everything and that is all. No need to know. No more making up an answer if I don’t know the answer. Not a cringy “ I don’t know” but a celebratory one No more questions in my head. Just quiet. I can just be a walking singing smiling struggling “I don’t have a clue”. A celebration of the mystery and miracle of it all!

Minimalist contemporary one we did some years ago.

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