This Moment is It

The dog having her tummy tickled and it occurs that this moment is 100% perfection. It is as good as it gets. Simple intimacy with the present. And it’s beautiful right now.

Nothing is missing.

What else is needed, is there a better moment to rush off to?

Seems I have done this for decades, casting aside what is actually happening right now in a search for a better moment….maybe more interesting, happier, more stimulating, or something. Well bang wallop woosh, here is an arrival into the present moment right now. And it’s lovely, silky, smooth. Taste of freedom. Right now. Available all the time.

And to a beautiful memory of a heavenly yesterday which I’m still savouring. Went with 2 friends to the Kingdom of Fife and every moment was perfection, it all just unfolded in cooperation with what wanted to happen. Happy people to be around, cooperative and joyful and appreciative and gentle and tough and alive and agreeable.

A little group of apparent individuals acting in harmony. One person voices this and we go there, and other voices that and we do that. Open and allowing what wants to unfold to do so.

What a contrast. Wow to the absence of aggressive reactiveness, defensiveness, complaining, scowling responses and contracted fear. How interesting to observe and be part of a pond with few ripples. I’ve been used to navigating the former type of company.

Is this what ‘creating your own reality’ means? As we shift inside to harmony with ourselves, with what is happening…..the outside reflects that harmony back.

That simple?

As we stop fighting the ‘as is’, the ‘as is’ reflects that back. It doesn’t have to be a fight! Revelation 😂

Lot of driving, lot of walking in expansive quiet landscapes, visits to gorgeous fishing villages untouched by time, intimate sharing, lot of no talking too. All was perfection.

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