Chat with an Enlightened Person

And they would say there is no person and all of us were never not enlightened. The Marc Leavitt conversations I had last year was a first experience of interacting directly with an enlightened person. Last night I had one with another which was most illuminating and joyful.

Known as Roy Fields, he has some videos on YouTube where he shares some completely nonsensical to the rational/reasoning mind material. However to another less tangible bit, it’s a heavenly delight. Lot of shining love being shared.

His language is not the language we use normally where separation is regarded as a fact. And he uncompromisingly regards me, and us all, as 100% powerful, loving, wise and non separate from him or anyone else. None of us were never not enlightened.

The experience was joyful, full of smiling, and also thrilling, very uncomfortable at times too. In the presence of someone who is in a state of complete freedom, the apparently self created prison is made more apparent, and what is all that self concern about!

I’m stunned by the revelation that I’m okay, completely and utterly okay. In fact the ‘I’ can just step back and let this carry on unfolding. Since an I wasn’t and isn’t involved anyway, that was just always just an idea.

Normally when we communicate with others they accept the limitations/deficiencies we express overtly or covertly about ourselves and might even add or project a few of their own judgments too. This guy just does not see the deficiencies and faults….that is not real and never happened. We are 100% innocent and powerful shining loving beauty.

So I found myself reflected back….and face to face with my own loving, lacking nothing, completely sufficient, innocent beauty and strength. Wow. What an experience. There was no attempt to impart anything to me either, teach me anything, add anything, just a sharing of a view.

I saw how I contract back from that. The brain thinks ahead….a fear arises of not knowing how to be in that complete lack of deficiency. It’s so used to it’s ‘self improvement project’. Oh my god, what if I am 100% okay, what will I dooooooo 😂 what, just love and experience and enjoy and be?!

So I kind of have been getting it. The fact that ‘I’ am not the active agent. Making tea, I see the tea is just being made. There’s walking to another room with the apparent me more of a passenger rather than doer. Oh now there’s a jacket being put on, welly boots too.

Then the little chariot takes me out to the woods up the lane and there’s an experience of intimacy with it all, from the mother cows with their new born babies, and the birds and wide open fields. And the mind is so quiet when I’m out there often, and today particularly so in the morning sunshine. I go into the water in my wellies and slosh around delighting in the sunlight glinting off the waterfall. I sit and just be for a while. The dog snuggles up next to me.

A familiar dog lover person arrives at the river. I tell her life is peachy and calm in response to her asking. That gives her permission to share how happy she is. I see now that if I hadn’t volunteered joy as a response, she may have censored her own. She didn’t and I relished in her joy with her. It was beautiful.

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