I don’t know where veneration fits in or if it is the right word. Sounds religious. Or who to write this to, as ‘they’ are not exactly separate individuals to thank. A deep gratitude arises. It’s felt towards those who have gone the whole way across and wait at the far shore for the rest of us sending their love and encouragement. As we bob steadily or speed over in our little boats.

There’s a sense of devotion that arises though also isn’t quite right to direct to someone either. There’s no actual individual to venerate or devote to, and yet I feel gratitude. And a sense of bowing in respect and thanks to those helping the rest of us to arrive into freedom. Knowing what is involved, the work, the WORK, the courage, the giving up of everything.

There appears to be a momentous opportunity being presented at this time. Not sure if we have ever had so many enlightened teachers to guide so intensively and directly in the history of humanity. We can tune in and benefit from their experience, ask for guidance, have fears addressed any day of the week. And they generously share and point out the pitfalls and their own experiences of stepping through fully and ease our fears and instil confidence. Has there ever been a time like this in history when so many of the old teaching have been translated and made available to us. It’s incredible.

“Look into the awakened mind of your own awareness! It has neither form nor color, neither center nor edge. At first, it has no origin but is empty. Next, it has no dwelling place but is empty. At the end, it has no destination but is empty. This emptiness is not made of anything and is clear and cognizant. When you see this and recognize it, you know your natural face. You understand the nature of things. You have then seen the nature of mind, resolved the basic state of reality and cut through doubts about topics of knowledge.”

– Padmasambhava

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