I write this down after reading a couple of posts on a forum on “Awakening’ on Facebook. It made me realise the importance of grounding for me. I find myself doing activities that actively ground me and think it helps to keep some kind of balance while in this tumultuous process which can feel destabilising at times. Just being in the body again, like a playful animal.

Got to take the dog out every day anyway, and there’s a river nearby I walk beside where few people go. I climb over a little fence, where there’s a muddy bit to squish about in my wellies when it’s wet, a grassy field to lie back into and feel connected to the ground and look at the sky. There’s an overhanging tree I climb up and sit on, love the mossy texture and earthy smell, another really bouncy branch I sit on, love the soothing slow bouncing movement. An ankle deep bit of river to walk in and feel the current against the legs and enjoy a splash.

Sometimes pick up some woodland earth if the dog has been digging it up and smell it. I might hug a tree, or exploring the texture and feel of bark, or photograph a flower or bug, learn about them when I get home. At times go a little bit difficult route in the woods that makes me climb over branches or jump drainage ditches, and uneven ground that makes it more fun and use different muscles. All slow and relaxed, lots of pauses for just standing there. Being, feeling, sensing.

A leafy hollow to jump into that’s deeply full of comfy crusty dry leaves, and good textures and sounds. Laugh inside at this 56 year old daft child having such fun. And all the while in the background there’s bird sounds, and sometimes wind on skin. I think it helps balance with this whole process. And joy too. Gratitude and much wonder at all these life processes going on.

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