Ripples of Anxiety

Awoke this morning feeling a little clenched fist in my chest area. So I turned my attention to it, right there in the position I was lying in bed and gave it a little space to be felt, turning towards the contraction. Some anxiety was here. Perhaps a threat thought about the busy day that I have ahead got in as I was surfacing.

I have 2 therapy clients this morning and a new construction job starting, one ending and another going on quite far away. Men to meet at the new job. Things to coordinate. A dog to walk.

My son to speak to and that is my real priority in all these tasks. I also have my friend’s depressed son on my mind…who didn’t respond to my contact. So yes, a cascade of ‘things to do’ thoughts.

Still feeling a little anxiety right now. I had gone on to watch some updates about the war and the possible consequences before I got up. Again giving it some kind respectful space. And leaning into it. Hello anxiety, I hear you. I also know peace is here too even when anxiety is shouting, it’s there all the time for me to lean back into and breathe.

I just have to trust and surrender and see that I have no control over any of the details of how this day will unfold. Make some plans and then let go of how the result will be.

Yesterday was a 10/10 day, another trip to the countryside, to the stunning scenery of the mountains and lochs with a friend. It was beautiful in every way.


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