Really savouring the good times when they arise, communicates the message that it is allowed, it is welcome and it is safe.

Yesterday started with 3 therapy clients from 9am, finishing with the last as a ‘walk and talk’ session in the park. She opened very quickly and had a lot of tears. I think she ended with some hope of a way forward. We did some self soothing exercises.

I absolutely love having the opportunity to be useful, to have a positive effect. I delight in seeing the hope restored in my clients, giving them space to express their pain and enabling them with easy tools to use to be with their suffering, where they had got a little overwhelmed. It’s such an honour and privilege. And being paid too is a bonus.

Then I met up with 2 friends E and N. E is a very deep spiritual friend I meet once a week and N was my therapist in my 20s, now a good pal. We had a walk over the wooden stile into field to the waterfall standing marvelling and chatting and just being. And then a long lunch outside in the sun under the heaters. Still amazed at the utter luxury that we are provided with heaters sitting outside a beautiful Georgian house, fantastic soup and freshly made bread. Life is bountiful!

Then we found a big park bench in the sun. And we at there for hours and hours. Lot of interesting chat, both pretty deep people and thinkers with interesting ideas. I noticed a few things about the group dynamic.

There was much sharing, vulnerability and openness which I always love being in the presence of. Especially between men, but with everyone and anyone too. People being less guarded and allowing me to be too.

It was a joy. I spent 5 hours out there yesterday in the sun, playing with the dog, breathing fresh air, being of service to there’s and enjoying the company of friends. all good. Much to be grateful for.

Today is a bit more work focussed, though all relaxed and in my own time. I had some costings to do which I’ve now sent to the client. Sent off the plan for printing for next week. Intensive texting with the men first thing, organisational stuff. Laminating some plans to take them next. Then a most perfect walk up the river with the dog listening to Vairosatna on the headphones for some of it. And sitting on the riverbank just being with the birds and the grey day. Then to get lunch forgot my purse but they gave me it anyway 🙂 and I sat outside with homemade soup and banana bread. Then to the men and gave them my car to use to get home for a couple of days as the van is in for an mot.

Allowing ourselves to savour these moments, minutes or hours of perfection and beauty and relative feeling of safety and at ease-ness in the world give us permission to allow it again and for longer. this is my experience. Very important to do this. To notice them and appreciate allow and welcome. It is okay to be happy.

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