A Day in the Life

Not very interesting to read perhaps so maybe dont but I wanted to record a typical day in my life right now to look back on what my life was like in 10 years time.

Wake unusually late, 7pm. I go and make tea. I always like sleeping and then wondering around the house naked in the mornings. The freedom feeling. Back to bed I read in bed for an hour.

I sing the ‘A-Team’ theme tune out loud as I do every single morning no matter what I am feeling. This has proved to be a very cheerful and amusing way to start the day, and makes me laugh at myself at how silly I sound. The dog comes bounding into the room wagging her tail utterly delighted as it’s the signal I’m getting up.

Get up, heating not working, so put the oven on and gas rings on, texted the heating guy for an appointment. Charged the MacBook up for a regular therapy client appointment in an hour. Make more tea and hot diluted fresh orange and read a few things. Do my hair and face with a little eye shadow.

Check Bitcoin, still crashing. More tea. Send an invoice to another therapy client and receive payment. Check my therapy account, it’s doing well considering I started just a few months ago. Not spending it, need to send all details to the accountant for tax purposes and earning enough from the other business.

Had the session with the therapy client which went fine, always make good progress into slightly unknown territory with this client. He is on his 3rd batch of 6 sessions. Then a 20 min break, more tea and hot orange. Then another therapy client on the phone. Another regular. Her demeanour has changed since she started back on antidepressants I notice. She is dulled, flat in her expression. I don’t judge, maybe it’s a necessary survival move for her for now. I encourage her to rest and go easy on herself, she has been though a lot. I take my notes, ask questions, file the notes for both. Both in diary for next week.

I get a call from a very old friend. 40 years. He is a bit of an iffy one for me as in I feel love but ambiguity about too much contact. Hasn’t looked after himself much mentally or physically. Brown teeth and dresses in nearly rags. That’s kind of hard to be around for me seeing that. Someone not loving themselves. Talks a lot and a lot about world events and about politics if he can get away with it. I like him though, he’s struggling and reaching out so I arrange to have lunch with him.

I get my wellies on and jacket, and go in the car to visit the men on site. Compliment the work, answer some questions, discuss what is still to be done, the plants arriving, the new van coming, holiday arrangements coming up. Then meet the old friend, have a short slow walk up the river, as he has copd and still smokes despite that. Hard to see. The river is full with last night’s rain and the waterfall shining in the glinting sunlight. I make a point of noticing and savouring this beauty.

We sit on a log in the sun and listen to and watch a buzzard flying around nearby. It’s a wide ranging chat but have to stop him as he goes into some of the traumas he has experienced. And other long drawn out too much detail about other things. In tears at one point as he describes the death of his dog 15 years ago. I feel compassion for him. Then he starts to go onto another trauma. Sigh. I get up and leave to break that conversation. And explain I don’t want to listen to too much of that. We have lunch and a good chat till it’s too cold. That’s over 3 hours outside. I head home. Arrive and feed the dog. And fiddle about with the heating and get it working again. Cancel engineer.

I get a 2 week notice resignation text from one of the staff. I accept it and feel a little relief. His disposition has not been entirely working for us. We have a minor tussle about holidays as he actually owes me so will have money deducted. I need to fill his place to make up the numbers in that team, might transfer one of the others rather than take on someone.

I arrange decals for the new van that’s coming and approve the design and arrange to have it done. Also arrange to have new van picked up.

I send some invoices to the accountant to process. I receive the plant order that I chose with the client yesterday at the nursery. I print it and add to the numbers as I’m within budget so they can have some more. I answer a few client enquiries, nothing exciting. More tea orange juice and eat bananas and radishes.

I go and fiddle with the heating and manage to get it working, and cancel the engineer.

I get cosy under my Irish wool rug and sit back on the sofa with my iPad and the dog beside me appreciating the heating being back on. It’s after 6pm already. Quite a full day I suppose. A couple of worries have visited on and off today. I don’t have the next jobs agreed yet and the men on one job are nearly finished. I feel anxious about sending the prices to people now as I fear rejection and as I’ve been caught out with rising prices and made a loss on a few jobs I thought I’d priced well. A pavlov’s dog scenario. But tomorrow is another day and maybe I find the courage in the morning.

Food Has been a few radishes a couple of small bananas, sweet potato soup, a roll and a cookie at the restaurant. There’s been some music too in the house here, a few tunes in the background. I’m making some vegetarian haggis and potatoes.

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