Another Day of Peace

It lasted all day the feeling of at-ease-ness. I had one therapy client then another, some garden business work, then another walk across the fields and up the river alone with the dog in the wild elemental weather. I had a reading of the Dzogchen master Longchenpa on the headphones as I walked, bathing in it.

Being still. Breathing steadily. Dropping thoughts as they arise. Feeling grateful. Appreciating it all. Gratitude. Noticing anxiety as it arrives, being kind to it, and embracing and allowing it. Using the visuals or sounds to ground in the present. Being playful.

I sat at a favourite spot for half an hour as the rain poured on me, the wind blew, the sun shone on me, then sleet, then sun and cloud. Me and the dog happy as can be out there, cosy and comfy and snuggled into the leafy grassy ground together lying back in the field looking up. And swinging on my bouncy branch, noticing the comfort of the movement.

Then back to the Edwardian tearoom as I so often do and I sit outside (there’s even heaters above the tables!) with a big bowl of homemade lentil and tomato soup, a newly baked roll, cake and orange juice. It was near empty as the sleet and rain and wind came and went. I fed the birds, 5 different kinds came.

Then home. Spent the day listening to Longchenpa, reading, and listening to some physics and consciousness podcast that I barely understood. And that was it. A pretty much worry free day.

And today has been similar. A therapy client first thing, some business work, then out to visit the men at the garden we are doing in the countryside, then a very long walk with a lovely friend Ewan and the deepest of intimate sharing and chatting, lying in the leaves in the woods looking up at the trees feeling into the earth. A visit to the allotment. Then to the other garden I’m doing to see the men there. Then home, and playing Longchenpa in the car the whole time, letting that seep in.

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