Dropping down into Feelings

A thrill of anticipation this morning as I was getting up. I know how to deal with anxiety at last and my sleep was a delight. A whole new day, and new skills to practise…and one cheerful thought gave birth to others……theres a new business to enjoy developing, therapy clients to help, gardens being built, getting paid and paying the men. Life happening, moving forward to new territory.

The new skill is the main thrill. I was taught it some years ago by a psychologist and it worked instantly. And rediscovered it recently in a video by Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

Dropping from the head into the body and waiting till I notice what I am feeling.

In time a sensation appears somewhere in the body.

It might be a tightness in the throat or in the chest if it’s anxiety.

And I just notice it and stay with it. And continue to breathe normally.

Allow it, be there. Not trying to do anything but give it space to breathe.

Hello feeling sensation, I acknowledge you.

And then something happens after a while of doing this.

It changes.

It can move since it is no longer so sticky due to being stuck.

Quite exciting and I have been playing with this all week. I did it in the park yesterday Michael as we sat on a tree.

A little anxiety was freed up by doing it and then very quickly what emerged was fun, joy and spontaneity.

Replacing a tightness and holding stiffness which have become so normal to me I hardly notice the tightness often.

I notice when it isn’t there though.

Wow freedom. I can come out to play. The real me.

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