Edge dwelling Daily Life

A diary post with no real point, other than perhaps the fun of reading it someday when I’m an old lady and the joy of chatting out loud here by writing.

Smoothness, well being, no bothersome thoughts, and a strange physical sense, a glowing hot face right now. I feel the raised vibration in my cells. Stuff being dissolved, given up, released. There is often some kind of day after effect from having a deep dive out loud with someone.

It was a full day yesterday. Morning to one project visit first thing, met the guys and client to lay out plants, needed more so to the nursery 40 mins away in the countryside, filled 4 large trolleys, paid the bill, then back to the other garden the others started and had a meeting there. Back here to pay the guys and some more bills. Smooth when there’s the money to do it. All good.

Then met a dear old friend at the park and we went walking, well a wondering amble more like. With many pauses for noticing and sitting and being. We lay down for a long time, maybe 20 mins, looking at the sky and clouds and bits and tree branches in total silence. So very grounding while feeling and connecting into the vast open awareness of being.

And we talked as deep as it gets, as it’s even possible. We had lunch and then came back here. I really appreciate having a friend who understands this whole awakening process. Like really. We listened to some Dzogchen teaching from the 6th century. And we shared so beautifully honest and openly.

About to get up, it’s 8am, awake since 4am. Fell asleep early to some Longchenpa at 9.30pm. Today I have an all day course about evolutionary psychology, Buddhism and self compassion with Prof Paul Gilbert and his daughter Hanna. Something educational and some good company.

I feel odd odd odd today. I’m up and dressed now. Not anything really I can describe. Weird physically. Changes going on. Still hot face. Very steady inside feelings-wise. Still hardly any thoughts.

Been answering emails from psychotherapy clients wanting appointments. Note to self – or a personality that has historically said yes to too much – watch you maintain lots of space as we enter garden season and you have therapy clients too. I took my phone numbers off my website for starters. People can email me.

New freedom of information from the government was released. Only 17k people died here with only covid. Omg, that’s far from the 130k they have been telling us.

Chatting away with myself here 😂 Quite grounding.

This is where I go every day nearly.

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