I was kissed gently and confidently last night by a close friend in a dream. It was the perfect moment. Unexpected timing and yet inevitable. A brief relaxed moment in an embrace, and a slow kiss that was complete trust and unity, what a feeling. Both in our highest most sane selves. The gentleness of it….and the mutual love was exquisite. Just that.

No idea what dreams mean – I’m rubbish at interpreting them, but I’m left with a beautiful feeling still now. That’s been a few dreams recently where I’m experiencing myself and others in our highest selves, what a way to ease into it physiologically and psychologically, by slipping past the defences into a dream.

Living in the senses a lot more recently in general so a sensual time, and I feel more alive than ever. What I see each moment, what I’m touching and feeling physically and where, the sounds, smells and tastes. I am arriving right here and now more often. And finding that it’s a very safe place to be. I wonder why I resisted it for much of my life. Except in nature, I allowed that to take me into the present, that was the training ground.

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