Intimacy with this very moment happening right now.

As I walk down the hall I go real slow.

I breathe steadily and consciously and I notice everything.

This is where I live. Right now.

No rush.

There is no ‘better’ moment than this one, this is it, my whole life is happening right now in this moment. This is not a rehearsal.

Nothing between me and this direct experiencing. Primary and immediate. No labels or conceptualising or descriptive thoughts, just noticing what the senses bring to my attention.

I connect with the direct field of sensing and stay, experiencing here. Available always right now.

I witness the body weight transferring from one leg and foot and then the next as I walk.

I notice how warm the air feels.

I sit down and notice my weight in the chair.

The distant sound of traffic on a wet road is heard.

I see the amaryllis are growing.

This is intensely intimate.

Face the fear of not interpreting, and stay with the experience.

Its grounding to be here writing, sharing this journey. Thank you.

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