Losing the Doer

I was cleaning out the vacuum earlier.

I realised that I was somewhat rushing to finish the experience to get to some supposedly next ‘better’ one. Putting me and what I think I want centre stage and reducing the present moment to a mere inconvenience to be gotten over with. What a way to treat my precious and limited experience of being alive!

What if I enter each and every moment fully? Surrender to it and accept and be there.

Face the fear of not interpreting and stay with the experience.

So I changed orientation and used my senses to enter the experience itself rather than be in a ‘me’ identity that doesn’t want to be here doing this and thinks it wants something better.

What’s a minute or two of actually being there for this, albeit not the most exciting experience.

Washing dishes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the shower, making the bed can all be enjoyable if we are fully present for them. And those little experiences make up most of our lives, or a large part anyway.

And my little experience changed instantly. I stopped noticing my wants and dislikes tugging at me, and I just stayed there with untangling Elsa’s hairs from the robovac roller. I ceased to exist for those few seconds lost in just the doing of it. I became the experience and felt more at ease.

We seem to be happiest when we forget ourselves.

How ironic is that.

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