Taking Refuge

I had 10 enquiries overnight for counselling and have just answered each one. Many will be in the park – have started doing walk and talk sessions. Life is sending me in this direction it seems.

How will I do this with a completely unrelated business to run too?! I have no idea. There’s a transition underway as a new life beckons. I notice my onboard threat detector warning me about taking on too much. I say thanks to it.

I’m taking refuge often. This is so triggering facing it all. Yesterday with a friend for hours of marvelling in every direction at the changing kaleidoscope of nature. And deeply sharing this thrilling process of expanding into who we really are. I know I’m going to look back and be endeared and amused by how terrifying it all can be.

Right now I take refuge in the present moment and in the silent ocean of awareness that we are despite the distracting waves chopping or surging away.

This morning I’m using my senses to bring me into the present moment. I hear the rhythm of the rush hour traffic pass with a woosh. I hear the hum of the central heating boiler. My breath going in and out steadily. My footsteps as I walk to the washing machine to empty it. I hear the fridge next to it.

I feel cool damp of the clean clothes on warm hands. I feel the weight of my body transfer between one foot and the next as I hang the cloths to dry on the radiators. I feel the changes in warmth as a travel in and out of each room. I breath.

Events ahead on this day grab attention out of the present. Going to the new garden with some drills for the guys I need to pick up first today and then meeting the clients at the nursery to choose plants for the other garden we are finishing. And a fixed Motorhome with new clutch to pick up. £3700, pretty ouch. Earthly things to do. All is well and so much to be grateful for this November morning.

May we be soothed

May we be at ease

May we sit deep in the seat of our courage

May we remember gratitude often

May we be well

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