Life Update in the Here and Now

Steeped in the practice of moment as often as I remember which is a lot more often now.

I have found that using my senses is a direct access route to what is real right now. And it’s the only bit that is real, the right now.

Been reading about this for so long via the likes of Eckhart Tolle and only now have I summoned the courage to fully put it into practise.

What I notice is in the present I am safe and all is well.

And a little memory to share from a marvellous yesterday with 2 friends. We meandered through fields along the river and explored through different types of woodlands with sunlight streaming through the autumn colours. We sat like children inside an old Victorian icehouse in the padded leafy ground. We chatted deep about nature mirroring our own inner experiences through its multiple metaphors….and we chatted light, they chatted I listened a lot too just enjoying the company. I was aware of the perfection of each moment. Very grateful for days like that.

Completely in the present for hours and hours in nature. There is no better state of being than being present. This is my life mission.

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