Thinking it into Existence

Continuing with dropping the thoughts and just trusting the Ground, over and over…..though less requirement recently, and it’s more automatic as fewer insistent arisings for now in this bit of the cycle. Hard to put into words what’s going on…changes all the time.

Life continues and I don’t know how, as I’m hardly doing anything every day other than walking in nature with the dog or sitting staring at leaves floating down the river, resting, reading and listening to educational material type of things. This complete lack of application and interest in practical affairs to my mind should cause it to fall apart (maybe it is), and yet I’ve still got a business with 7 employees and machines out there building, work lining up, problems resolving by themselves it seems, or at least without much effort, living on the edge financially and yet bills are being paid.

Just been texted this second that we have been robbed overnight and feel very little response…just action to be taken to replace the tools stolen. Good news bad news good news bad news….I’m not numb though, sometimes I feel anxiety or other times a little song comes out of me unexpectedly and I still hum the A-Team theme tune as I get out of bed every day to amuse myself and delight the dog.

I now have 4 psychotherapy clients weekly so that is increasing without me doing much and I’m aware I’m being different with them due to this changing place I’m in…observing with interest to see if this makes me more or less useful to these clients. The right thing seems to come out at the right time though which is interesting. I’m saying it but it’s almost not like ‘me’ saying it. Aware of the responsibility of it.

Thinking about us all thinking it all into existence collectively and individually, making it up as we go along and the extent to which that happens. It was in reference to the emerging info about ufo’s coming out….was wondering if we are just describing them into actuality rather than them being visitors and then thought well we can also think into existence/create visitors from other planets too. Im not sure there’s a massive big universe or galaxies physically out there. I think we are maybe creating it as it gets explored.

Life’s is just happening and taking me with it, when I let it…..that’s how it feels right now. It knows best anyway. Every now and then I panic about that then realise I can’t do anything about it anyway and to be anxious would be pointless. I didn’t have any control anyway. So my will is Thy Will is the flavour of this day.

Found lots of these the other day, been wanting to find just one all season and here was around 50 of them, more than I ever imagined I’d see. And it wasn’t when I was looking, my cousin found them. Life found them for me 🙂

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  1. i have been feeling the same in many aspects recently, just letting things happen.Outside of achieving my weightlifting goals, which obviously requires effort, most things have just been working themselves out this last half of the year. I am more content to let them move naturally, forcing things is such a stressor!

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