Dishwasher Gratitude!

Quick one this morning on how a normally insignificant activity can be an opportunity to notice how well supported I am by life.

As I empty the dishwasher I notice how gleaming the glasses are. The dishwasher does a fantastic job, no grease, no fingerprints, just clear disinfected gleamy-ness. Thank you dishwasher for these glasses which I’m now putting on the shelf basking in a little light gratitude.

I take out the little bowls and they are now spotless top and bottom and ready for using again and now sitting looking beautiful on the shelf, excellent!

The wooden spoons, once oily and discoloured with food are now as good as new. The pots are clean, the dog bowl is shining again, the cutlery is food free and ready to use. Thank you for making all our eating equipment clean dishwasher, appreciation.

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