Sitting Back Inside

Sitting right right back as far as I can for a few seconds and noticing the thoughts that arrive. Then another, and another thought. Breathing slowly as I notice. I’m doing this a lot these days.

What happens when I interrupt this stream just by noticing? I become aware of the thought and can drop it before it turns into a (usually scary) story. Simply taking short moments to notice the thinking going on throughout the day….creates some space that I can occupy.

How much suffering is caused by those thoughts! The anguish, the agony of imagining an endless stream of potential problems and threats. And in contrast there’s that space we can drop into, a magical delicious world where I don’t have to do anything or worry about anything and I feel safe.

So feeling safe. Embracing the safety, the space, the peace. The non self referential place. That was and is a challenge for me as my whole nervous system wasn’t accustomed to feeling safe. And now that I’m getting used to it and enjoying the reward of being free from anxiety, it’s a joy.

I daily and hourly get caught up in thoughts and their worries, though now I know what to do. There is a refuge. It’s being aware of this moment right now this very second where I am perfectly safe. So I have my mission and this is it. Notice the thought, drop it and trust in the right now moment. There’s space and peace here. Drop and Trust has become my mantra and is my answer and inner action every time I notice. What an adventure. Into silence 🤩

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