Time for Gratitude

I find it really helpful to remind myself about what is working in my life and also what I feel a sense of gratitude about.

During times of stability I notice that it is easy to drop or neglect some of the tools I use. Then when I’m more in need, I take up the tools again to find stability when it’s lacking.

I think it’s important to keep going with these tools through the good and bad times so that they become integrated fully into daily life, whatever is going on. That way we build resilience into our base inner state which becomes becomes more stable whenever adverse events are going on in our world.

So today I have lots that is going well and working.

  • My car works and drives me smoothly and comfortably where I want to go
  • My body functions well
  • I get great long sleeps every night
  • The dog is healthy and happy
  • I have people I love in my life and who care about me
  • I have a chum who I can talk about nearly everything with and who I see regularly
  • Learning to enjoy my own company has been a big plus
  • The heating works and my house is nice and warm
  • I have 2 psychotherapy clients and have started a slow transition to doing more of that and earning a living from it
  • I have very understanding clients just now who are being pleasant about all the price rises.
  • I have a new super skilled employee who will help productivity a lot
  • There’s a great view of trees out of the large windows of this apartment
  • I have an enormous area of wild parkland and woods across the road to visit easily
  • I have enough money to support myself
  • My iPad, phone and computer work
  • The internet works and provides a huge variety of knowledge connection and entertainment
  • The supermarket and other shops provide a whole variety of what I need

I do feel a little lift just writing these few things down. I’m reminded that I’m supported by life and my little scared amygdala is soothed 🙂

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