Mindfulness and Surprising Spontaneity

Dropping each thought as I notice them and trusting over and over here. Drop and trust drop and trust. Through the course of a day whatever is happening, whether it is work or out with a friend or out on a walk or shopping or showering, there are always thoughts tugging at me for attention.

As I drop and trust a few times in a row creating a space, interesting things emerge. Spontaneously arising actions, reaction, words, suggestions, silences. It’s a bit like discovering a carefully hidden secret world. A creative and unexpected one that just knows the ‘right’ thing at the right time. It’s not coming from the habitual place of worries or beliefs in shoulds or shouldnts. They just seem to arise on their own without me doing anything, or trying to make anything happen.

Which road to take, who to pay, what to say or not say, which music to put on. Without worry in the equation, or trying to be like anything, or get a particular result…. life just wants to show me what to do, to lead me. It really is very interesting to observe what it’s like getting out of the way.

Like coming across this bunch of beauties yesterday, and a big castle, and an unexpected honest conversation, and an unexpected drive through beautiful countryside, and an unexpected lovely encounter with a local, an unexpected old well by the side of the road, an unexpected 6 hours with a friend, and unexpected 6 miles of walking yesterday.

And it requires enduring the slight awkwardness of not knowing what to do first. After noticing a thought and dropping back into the ocean of the void of spaciousness, and just being with that not knowing what’s next. Noticing the worry thought that jumps in to fill the space and letting go. And seeing what arises of its own accord.

And I was listening to this fabulous talk called Learning to Stay Open by Michael Singer on repeat yesterday on my own on a long walk up the river. It hits home.

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