Awakening help

I’ve benefitted greatly from listening to Angelo DiLullo. I’m listening to this podcast this morning with Viking Guru (who asks great questions) interviewing Angelo DiLullo who is an anaesthetist who has experienced full enlightenment. It is pretty thorough covering many often uncovered aspects of the awakening experience. This is Angelo diLullo’s website.

I’m still noticing, dropping and trusting away here in the face of any thought that presents itself to me. Been doing it in the middle of the night when I wake up, and in the morning before I properly wake in between sleep and awareness.

I’m loving it – the refuge of it – and watching myself getting more done even though I’m not thinking about things or worrying so much about tasks or having to force myself through mustering up discipline.

7 emails written to clients already this morning. I had been building up a worry about writing to them as it’s not good news I’m delivering (prices going up) so I was putting it off, and it was sitting there as a procrastinated task, which as we know leads to further anxiety. So task done, one less thing in the to do list and I feel freer.

Doing this noticing, dropping and trusting action with each thought, leaves a space.

And it’s from that space that action arises from spontaneously, and this morning’s promptings led me to write these emails. With no prior intention or thought, I just found myself doing it. Here’s where the trust bit and the reward bit comes in that Marc Leavitt has been telling me about. The rewards of spending more time in space and peace become increasingly contrasted with the pain of regularly visiting or staying in the yucky land of worry and fear. Quite exciting really.

I had my last session for now with Marc Leavitt last night. I cannot describe how invaluable it is to directly speak and engage fully with someone who is enlightened. I feel such gratitude. It’s amazing how he knows precisely the right thing to say, and what exactly I need to hear, like he can see through me completely.

I now have well enough to be getting along with now and my notice-drop-trust exercise is all I need for the foreseeable future. As for seeking of any kind, that’s just gone. Just happily and cheerfully and determinedly do the work girl.


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