Thoughts – Dropping and Trusting

I’m a walking, sitting, lying in bed, showering, shopping, chatting, bill paying, getting dressed and undressed, dog walking, ‘drop and trust drop and trust drop and trust drop and trust’ process these days. It seems that’s all I need to do right now with each arising thought.

Everything has been put aside for this yet the world keeps on turning, the landscaping business stuff is going on, it’s still crazy land happening out there with covid repercussions worldwide and I’m still engaging with it and not…..going through the motions pretty much. It’s all good raw material. Is it continuing or falling apart, I don’t know. Just dropping and trusting.

Letting all those fear thoughts amass into an overwhelmed anxiety whirl…well that seems pointless and I’m not doing it so much right now. Seems like self harm. Plenty of individual catastrophe suggesting thoughts arriving and commenting on what’s going on for decent ongoing leverage.

Yesterday a marvellous day of roaming in the countryside seeing salmon leaping up waterfalls, light streaming over the mountains, walking in woodlands and all the time, dropping and trusting, dropping and trusting. It’s a mystery where all this is going, and I’m okay with that. The fears and other inside commentaries can come and go.


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