Chased by a Hive of Wasps!

Never a dull moment here in suburbia. Out for a walk yesterday I disturbed a hive of wasps in a tree trunk and after the first sting we ran like the clappers till we couldn’t any more. But they were STILL chasing and attacking us!

Then realised I had dropped my phone in the panic and had to go back to get it arghhhh. So I got 3 stings and the dog at least that. We were both stung around 20 mins later far from the scene. After some research I discovered that they inject a little pheromone to let other wasps know you are an enemy. So the later stings might not even have been from that hive.

Elsa felt most sorry for herself, wee soul was confused and didn’t understand what was hurting her. She got one on her eyelid which is pictured below. I reckon we got off lightly. Could have been a lot lot worse.

And not being one to put a good pain experience to waste…..I realised it was actually quite an important one. To actually experience proper physical pain in contrast with the interior self generated existential terror of dissolving my ego that I’ve been bleating about the last weeks ! Quite delightful to experience that contrast in a strange sort of way.

Slept for 10 and half hours solid. Then did the exercise Marc Leavitt suggested for hours from 6am….staying in the calm sleep state while awake, dropping all mundane thoughts of the day ahead as they arise and returning over and over to that ego-less state. It was beautiful.

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