A reply

My hand holder through all this, this is how he responded to my latest round of earthly crisis. Sharing in case this is useful to anyone. Certainly was/is for me. From someone who has crossed the river.

“Good Morning S, You’re not alone. I went through that very same experience a few times. And it always seems like for me, that things would always go south as soon as I felt like I could handle anything. lol But in some weird way, when things get as bad as the situation that you just described, it somehow seems easier to drop it because it’s so bad that there is no way you can make it ok in your head. This is all bad news clearly. So bad in fact, that you don’t even feel as compelled to put a positive spin on it simply because it is clearly all bad news on the very face of it.

It’s out of your hands which means that you are just being informed of conditions beyond your control. There will be so many opportunities from this to be reminded of the bigger game that you are playing beyond the little game of survival of the fittest. Cherish this opportunity while it’s here because this is your rare opportunity to actually put your trust into action in the form of surrendering to this experience. It’s a rare opportunity that only comes in one part of the entire cycle where you actually have the ability to demonstrate your trust and devotion to the Mystery.

As so many times before, the conditions in your life will shift again and you will forget this latest bump in the road. But your reaction to this opportunity is what the whole thing is about. So, let it remind you of your true direction and the bigger picture that encompasses these fleeting conditions. Then you can be thankful for this opportunity to demonstrate your trust in Reality.

Let me know how your weekend goes. Talk soon, love, M”

An opportunity to deal with these fleeting events, so soon to be history, with courage and trust and surrender, to see the bigger picture, this is training in action. Life funnelling me into less and less choice but to flower fully, to be the ocean in which the waves do their wave thing without forgetting I’m the ocean and thinking I’m one of the waves. It’s alchemy, no less at work.

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