Finding Treasure

My treasure is the discovery of a powerful ever present completely safe refuge, the surrendering to spacious expansive silence. Whenever I remember this I’m overjoyed that I have and I step out of the mental thought world and back into what is actually being experienced.

I keep noticing myself chatting in my head when I’m walking in a beautiful woodland, or in the shower, or walking to the car. Missing those moments and living in a made up thought world in my mind. I’ve stopped chastising myself for that and instead rejoice when I remember to drop it and breath into what is going on right now.

What arises from this is a treasure that is unexpected, a spontaneous creativity that doesn’t feel scripted or rehearsed. A peace and a forgetting of concern, of even a sense of an individual self. I’m learning to be less afraid of the vulnerability of directly experiencing instead of putting a mental layer to slightly remove myself. I don’t feel that I need to protect myself in this way to the same extent. I’m watching all this unfold with curiosity.

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