It’s all Changing

These shocking and unexpected health related experiences, a big one, the stroke and the little squirrel bite one…having to slow right up, to not drive, and basically making me break patterns, forcing me to allow space and silence in. Eating habits have changed, I seem to dislike meat now. Only really enjoy fruit mostly. Taste buds work differently now.

Including the rather silly not very enjoyable nicotine vaping habit, one big space filler come comforter.

Has all brought me to a more unfamiliar place. Some kind of crunch point, place of choice. There is something more to let go of, to free myself from, that is so scary to a part of me that at this point it’s still mostly hiding. Though if I peek I’ll reflect it was in plain sight all along. Certainly in hindsight that will be apparent. A deeper commitment in process.

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