Opening up to and Allowing the Love in

This week I have had several powerful opportunities to receive love. I’ve watched my openness to this, and I expected more of me to resist it. That’s progress right there.

Previously I might have been concerned that people might think I’m getting too big for my boots, or boasting or they might compare themselves negatively to me or be jealous and so I’d put myself down by minimising a compliment in some way. All based around needing love from others and being afraid of it being withdrawn. Now that I’m filling up my own love bank, well it matters less what others think or feel about me.

I was not moved in any major way by this love and the compliments coming towards me, though it was beautiful and pleasant.

I congratulate myself for this. I see these outward manifestations as a byproduct of my progress towards full receiving and giving of love freely.

One was a review from a therapy client I have been working with, here it is.

“Hi Susan, Please find my review below:
I started counselling with Susan about 5 months ago and I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

In the beginning, I was plagued with anxiety and depression, unable to attend my work as a Primary Teacher, in a constant cycle of negative thoughts and this was really impacting upon my relationships with others, but most of all with myself.

Throughout our sessions, Susan has been incredible! She is such an attentive listener, very supportive, calming and she always knows the right thing to say… it’s like having a chat with your best friend!

Susan, has quickly helped me identify the root causes of my anxiety and she has given me strategies to not only cope but to now have confidence.
As a result of my therapy, I am now experiencing activities I would never have dreamt of even trying before working with Susan. With a group of friends, I have been taking part in cold water immersion at Loch Lomond and the benefits to both my physical and mental health have been unbelievable!

Using Susan’s help and guidance, I have been able to be kind to myself, change negative thought processing to positive helpful thoughts, have better relations with family and friends but most of all I have been able to give love to myself.

On my journey to wellness, the experience and wisdom that Susan has imparted upon me has been truly invaluable and I would highly recommend her counselling services. Her exceptional understanding of the way our minds work is a rare find and I believe everyone can benefit from this.
Thank you for everything!
Kind regards,”

Left her name out obviously.

What a validation.

And then from my sister who posted it on FB “Susan is quietly incredible, magnificent, magical, powerful and life-enhancing”.

So yes wow, lots and lots of love incoming last week. And it’s my birthday today and I’m getting loads of love and greetings today too. I’m savouring and allowing all consciously.


  1. Happy Birthday! And congratulations to the great client review!
    Thank you for sharing your journey so openly here. I love how you describe your inner processes and what has helped you, and I benefit from it.

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      1. I’m glad to hear that Karen. Thank you for chumming me along on my journey, it’s nice to know you are there, and someone understands!

        Liked by 1 person

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