Damselfly Suprise

I looked at my tadpole bowl to discover a big colourful bonus that had just hatched out. A Large Red Damselfly, complete with perfect discarded old ‘skin’. That was a good omen that I’m over the hump of this mini dark night of the soul.

It has been a lovely, I mean seriously just a delightful Easter weekend. I have spent time in my new allotment in my beloved park, which I seem to be getting closer and closer to moving into. First a flat across the road from it and now my own private little plot surround by trees. I bought some gardening tools and seeds, and have arranged for a guy to come and start building a new fence and deck. I’ve been sketching ideas down too. I think I’m going for a proper old fashioned cottage garden.

25 years as a landscape architect and garden designer and I bought my first ever gardening tools and seeds and gloves. Love the irony of that.

Talking of omens I wonder what this means.

So yesterday I put on the kitchen tap and it had become loose and water gushed out all over the place including over my head, face and body. Wow, funny. Then today I took the dog into the shower for a clean after our walk and turned the wrong bit on and water spreader all over me and on top of me again. What are the chances of that?! I’m taking it as a sort of em, baptism of sorts. Certainly freshened me up.

I’ve been counting my blessings the last few days. Something has fundamentally shifted having had faced some demons and softened this week. I don’t know what that will look like, only that I feel more opened and less rigid. Possibilities have opened up, well a feeling that they can now manifest. Loving life again. And thanks for the support last week ladies that was appreciated a lot.

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