A few Positives to this Pandemic

Call me a ‘Pollyanna ’ but I find myself saying yes to a lot of what is happening. Of course I’m appalled and saddened by those losing loved ones, the effect on young people, the job losses, the increase of anxiety and stress, the smashing of our civil liberties.

There’s are also many aspects I find I’m saying yes to. Here’s a few off the top of my head, I’m sure there must be many more.

Yes to fewer drivers on the road
Yes to working at home and people spending more time with their families and the kids having their parents around more
Yes to people spending more time with families and friends outdoors in the parks and connecting with nature
Yes to more of us building up resilience and getting healthy, losing weight, getting more exercise, cooking at home
Yes to more time to slow right down, examine our priorities and come to our senses
Yes to the greater awareness of social inequalities, it is common knowledge the pandemic has had very unequal economic effects
Yes to valuing more those who keep society running
Yes to more people seeking the mental health help they need and talking about mental health becoming even less taboo
Yes to less use of paper as we move increasingly online
Yes to an increased sense of community and social cohesion
Yes to the exposure of those in charge of the pandemic as not fit for purpose
Yes to previously fringe innovations and ideas like universal basic income being more seriously considered
Yes to the increase in people growing some of their own food
Yes to us appreciating what we had and took for granted more
Yes to people having the chance to realise they don’t want to go back to many aspects of normal life

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