Facing the fear of not Interpreting

To face the fear of not interpreting and stay with the experience is a big beautiful ongoing lesson for me.

I feel open, exposed and vulnerable like a child. Coming out of the hidy hole of mentalising it all. And there’s exhilaratingly rawness and freshness, it’s shiningly beautiful, intense and joyful.

And I surrender to that little by little, and see that the sky hasn’t fallen in.

I watch as I walk though the trees and find my mind rehearsing a conversation with another. I take my focus to my breath and to what is happening right now. The smells, the sounds and the sights. Back to raw direct experience. I’m back in the present experiencing what is happening.

Or I’m driving behind someone going slower than I want to be driving. A inner commentary starts about it and I tense up. I notice this and take my attention to my hands on the wheel, my body on the seat. I look out the window and see what is passing. I notice the beauty of the colours and textures. I relax.

From Michael Singer

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