No added Sugar – Day 2

Since I’m on a roll of tolerating inner disturbance, I’m edging on further. I stopped caffeine a month ago and now it’s time to leave out the honey in my 12 or so cups of tea a day to see how that is.

This is surprisingly challenging and yet on the surface, easy – just don’t add it. Loving that I’m less scared to experience discomfort and that this allows more freedom to experiment like this. I’m less attached to feeling okay all the time, thanks to Michael Singer’s instructions.

I’m feeling a little deprived here, not on 100% form I noticed when I took a counselling session earlier. Anxiety made a reappearance this morning and feeling a little tired. I went to the woods and practised diaphragm breathing which helped a little. I consciously focussed on the leaves, fungi and other sensory details. Still feel a little removed from myself.

I’ve read that sugar behaves like a drug and that we get withdrawals, so I’m expecting and probably already having a little kickback. My brain isn’t getting its regular dopamine hit, and the body also is having to adjust. So I’m taking is easy with myself, getting cosy and finding other ways to comfort myself. Candles on, silence, lying on the sofa and some nurturing reading.

I think of the advantages for encouragement. I’m no longer consuming calories with no nutritional value and just added weight, so it’s good for health. And my teeth are not being coated in sugar many times a day, so that’s good.

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