Kindness all Round

As individuals, as a city, a country and a world – not knowing how this Covid 19 is going to last, the effect it will have on our lives in the future and how to prepare for what we can’t see?

I realised that about 3 weeks ago I started walking about in the house without my Fitflops on. Instinct I think, wanting the feet directly in contact with the wood of the floorboards. Keeping the feet on the ground, literally.

The overall global uncertainty has exaggerated the stress response to day to day uncertainty. Uncertainty levels about business for me, that I’m normally used to after 15 years of doing it.

This time it feels more distressing and I’m having to take extra care to notice myself believing untrue catastrophising thoughts. They slip in so sneakily. Next thing I know, the nervous system is on red alert, yelling ‘danger danger!’ I notice how much more susceptible I am to anxiety especially when I have little control over outcomes.

The only way to deal with it is by Being extra kind. It’s so important just now to maintain and increase our health and wellbeing and to really look after ourselves with care and compassion. And each other. Small healthy physical, emotional, spiritual and mental habits practised every day have been a good staple diet here. Foot to the metal with self compassion and safe, reassuring, cosy-ness xx

Tara Brach’s talk last night was timely.

And this is an Adrian Arleo piece

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