Ahh…Soaring, Welcome back

There’s been a fair few days of soaring over the last couple of weeks. I overcame a lifelong fear of speaking in public (albeit online) and jumped in and the result was exhilaration. What WAS I so scared of, (humiliation and being shamed) it seemed to disappear when I soldiered through it. I was in a mood to stomp on the fear wall I got to see and that it had no substance.

What helped me do this? I realised it didn’t matter one jot if I screwed up. I was okay with that. It was even to be expected as I embark on an activity I haven’t done before. Taking groups online. I remembered what excitement felt like, succeeding, achievement. Marvellous soaring to the heights of self acceptance. More of that. Yes thank you.

I’ve been engrossed in designs too, whole days slip passed unnoticed while I’m deeply in the flow state of being submerged in the creative process. Choosing spectacular art works for clients with no budget, I’ve been given free rein. And all 3 that I’m designing love the results, with no amendments or alterations. More success. I have tuned into them well that means, and used my design vocabulary well. Well done me.

Savouring deeply these times in life is a way to allow such experiences in freely. They come and go in the endless cycle and flow of change of course. Sometimes we block these good times, caught in an old inherited story of undeserving, or not wanting to outshine another, fear of responsibility, fear of the inner adjustment to how we view ourselves. Resistance has many faces in my experience.

Savouring these highs of overcoming old fears or of achievement consciously and deeply can help to dissipate the resistance. Giving time for the nervous system to adjust, the brain to adjust its beliefs. Saying thank you and feeling gratitude is welcoming to success. It’s not so scary to succeed even if it is new territory.

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