Gratitude List

Time for a balance to this brain’s tendency to focus on what is wrong, what needs improved. A handful of what I could write – here’s a few….

I feel grateful for and appreciate :

  • Living 5 minutes away from a 350 acre park with woods, ponds and a river, a historical house and stables, a walled garden, wildflower meadows, highland cows and an abundance of wildlife. I go there twice a day to recharge and submerge myself in the beauty
  • For having a fabulous son who I feel very proud of. He has an original intelligent mind, is an astute observer of people, has strong intuition, is very creative, is fair and diplomatic, handsome and healthy, true to himself and leading a unique way of life, is very self aware and honest with himself and very lovable.
  • For this adorable dog who is gentle and spirited and obedient and fits in with my life perfectly. She gives so much love and companionship and joy and fun. An opportunity to care and look after a living being which gives purpose.
  • For the endless stream of clients that approach wanting us to work with them. Recently it’s been helpful being busier and having something to do.
  • The men who work for me, they are all lovely characters, hard working, deep thinkers – real individuals whose company I enjoy and who keep the business afloat.
  • This beautiful apartment. It really is a joy having so much space to myself and beautiful views across from trees, decor I decided myself, 4 rooms to enjoy, so I never feel trapped even in lockdown. Plentiful parking, unusual in the city. The park across the road. Quiet neighbours. I appreciate owning a place for the first time.
  • My plants which add a green lushness and make me feel surrounded by nature, and an opportunity to look after them.
  • All this technology that has made communication so smooth and easy. Access to nearly infinite knowledge. I just got reminders at the same time on 3 devices about an appointment in an hour!
  • Appreciative clients who give us a positive experience. There have been many more recently than usual, and it’s wonderful.
  • I’m nearing qualifying as a cognitive behavioural therapist. That feels like an achievement. I will be able to help lots of people out there soon.
  • For my coach who helps me organise my priorities and is my accountability partner.

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