Let’s get this in Perspective

Now that the governments have us all cowering in our homes…perhaps as a result of their own fear, perhaps partly by design. No idea. I can easily imagine a compulsory vaccination program being rolled out at some point. Or at least severe restrictions imposed on those who refuse one.

That aside, and it’s very much aside in my day to day attention, I think that the fear has been useful already. It’s leading to innovative responses and more thinking. The courage of desperation to the rescue of our planet and potential unfulfilled.

I’m in Scotland and the government here has a website inviting solutions form the public. There’s a lot of enthusiasm for not going back to business as usual.

People have been realising a lot about their lives, about all sorts of things….each other, how we live, our work, our purpose, the health of planet. There’s been more time for realising and for thinking and pondering.

What do I really enjoy? What is important to me? How do I want my life to go from here? Do I really love this person? Do I feel fulfilled? Am I willing to tolerate……? The ‘right’ question varies from person to person.

We needed a knock on the side of the head to ask some important questions. I’m so sorry that many have died and many others have lost their closest people and loved relatives and friends. I’m sorry that this has been the price.

And I hope we don’t have to pay a much much bigger price if we don’t start asking these important questions. Questions that have been ignored. We are being given a chance here. It can get a whole lot worse.


  1. i find the one question you put forth ( do i really love this person?) to be coming up more & more often . What i find myself ( regarding that specific one) doing is thinking about the deeper part of it– meaning, if i were quarantined with ANYONE for this time frame or longer, wouldn’t i be questioning their purpose in my life and my feelings towards them? I don’t think the question applies only to an intimate partner , yet a lot of folks seem to be doing just that. Nor does it only apply to family .Additionally, isolation itself will ultimately lead to something along these lines..i guess my thinking went to prisons, nursing homes, or other such places. Perhaps in the end it may help us to more deeply understand the mindsets of individuals in these situations.Sorry, just my rambling thoughts…

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